Up in the air, security is a top priority. While in flight, it’s imperative that all passengers and the pilot are safe. There are many ways to ensure safety on a plane, but some methods prove to be more effective than others. One of the most effective procedures to ensure safety and security in aviation is through GPS and geolocation tracking:

Tracking Dispatch Officers

The threat of a terrorist attack on planes has become a very real issue. Security officers and air marshalls work to ensure this kind of threat doesn’t happen. However, having a security officer on flights is only the first step to keeping passengers safe. When dispatch officers are paired with geolocation and GPS software, they’re able to connect with supervisors at any time to dispatch appropriately for an alarm response or medical emergency. Whatever the crisis, there will be an alert in real-time to deflate the situation. 

New and Efficient Routes

Being in the air can be a bit scary for some passengers. With the help of advancing GPS software and technology,  the route options for flights has drastically improved. Now pilots can fly new and much safer routes to get passengers to their destinations. This means less time up in the air, which means less time for turbulence, running low on fuel, or any other accident that could occur.  This is especially beneficial for aircrafts flying over data-sparse areas such as oceans, as they are now able to find alternate or safer routes. 

Safer Landings

For many years, airports and landing locations could only be placed in major cities and other places with strong data connectivity and more visibility while landing. It was much too dangerous for planes to land in rural and remote locations due to little to no visibility. Thanks to geolocation and new GPS technology, planes are able to make more precise landings. Satellite signals have been improved for pilots to have much greater visibility in poor conditions and are now able to make safer landings. 

Luckily, technology continues to advance and revolutionize. The more technology advances, then the greater GPS software and geolocation tracking for aviation security will become. The most important factor for flying is safety. In order to ensure everyone’s security in the air, advanced GPS and geolocation tracking are just one component that must be implemented into aviation security.

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