Airports have always prioritized the security of their passengers. To accomplish this task, airport and airline staff uphold various standards and protocols to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. This fact remains especially true during the pandemic.

It’s a difficult task, keeping the airport safe. High amounts of foot traffic means that the airport staff has to monitor thousands of people at a time to ensure rules are followed and people stay safe. The immense amounts of data stored within the airport’s systems naturally increases the risk of compromised private information, as well. With the arrival of COVID-19, airports have had to implement new security measures to keep travel experiences sanitary and safe

Here are some ways that airports work to keep their passengers safe on the ground and in the air.


Tight Security

Airport staff follow certain protocols, such as body and bag scans, to ensure that all visitors are abiding by the restrictions they have in place. They work to quickly identify suspicious behavior as well as the possession of weapons so that they can confront and apprehend potential threats in a timely fashion. Airport staff are trained in a way that enables them to be proactive for the sake of passengers.

After you get through airport security in some international locations, you’ll sometimes notice security guards are present in some of the passenger areas.. Their presence helps to limit the risk of disturbances and altercations, and to provide additional passenger safety.



Losing your passport is a situation you do not want to experience. The introduction of E-Passports helps to protect you from identity theft and ensures that a stolen passport can’t be tampered with; the chip inside of it protects your information.

Note: E-Passports should still be protected. Make sure it’s somewhere safe and you can easily locate it.


Sanitation Regulations

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, airports have implemented stricter sanitary regulations. You won’t find anyone working at the airport without a mask. Seats are rubbed down with alcohol, and bathrooms are cleaned often. While wearing your mask in the airport and plane is your responsibility, the airport is doing their part to keep passengers safe and healthy. 


Airport staff are determined to keep passengers secure and comfortable, especially during these difficult times. When your airplane lands and you’re ready to reach your destination, think a moment about how attentive the airport was to ensure your safe arrival.