If you’re planning on boarding an airplane within the next few months, you’re going to notice some different procedures in place. Airlines, now more than ever, are taking the necessary precautions to make sure that not only are passengers & staff safe but that the planes themselves are extra clean. Some airlines are beginning to separate passengers as much as possible, but with flight booking slowly increasing, this has become a little more difficult to accomplish. So, what other methods are airlines implementing? Read on to learn about the various safety procedures you may see on your next trip.


Offering PPE

Certain airlines are not taking the chances of passengers nor their staff arriving without PPE. Therefore, companies such as American Airlines are beginning to offer face masks prior to boarding as well as sanitizing wipes. Employees are also encouraged to prioritize disinfecting everything they touch or will touch during the flight’s duration.


Screening Passengers

Although some are still wary about taking the temperatures of passengers, some companies are not taking the chance of having an infected aircraft and are thus requiring passengers to be screened before boarding. Passengers who have a temperature reading of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will not be allowed to board the aircraft.


Social Distancing

Although airline bookings have increased slightly, they are nowhere near the levels prior to the pandemic. Many airline companies are taking the step of separating travelers as much as possible. If a flight is fully booked, making social distancing impossible, then passengers will be re-booked to another time or aircraft. Although this may feel like a burden to some passengers, this practice is done in the interest of public health.


New Staff Policies

Possibly the most common procedure being taken by all airlines is having their staff follow strict safety guidelines. Because staff such as flight attendants and pilots are constantly interacting with people all over the world, the call for stricter safety measures has been warranted. Staff must always wear face masks and board the plane earlier to begin disinfecting.


COVID-19 has certainly changed the way we live our lives. Therefore, it is no surprise that additional safety protocols will be seen within the airline industry for many months to come.

Kelly Hoggan Aviation Security Footer