If there’s one thing that airlines prioritize, it is enhanced safety for their crew and passengers. Various airline carriers have been working with federal agencies such as the CDC to contain the spread of COVID-19. Airline carriers are often advised to boost their protective measures by adding more definition to what they deem safe. More cleaning procedures have also been put in place to enhance facial covering and other electrostatic disinfecting approaches. That said, below is more insight into popular airlines that have taken measures to protect everyone boarding planes;


Cleaning Throughout the Day

Aircrafts emphasize cleaning throughout the day, particularly on surfaces that are more open and accessible to the cabin crew and passengers. The airplanes are also deep cleaned regularly after every flight. Another significant measure that American airlines takes includes utilizing EPA-approved cleaning supplies against microorganisms.


Significant Boost in Cleaning Approaches

Airlines have significantly boosted the cleaning approaches they once used to promote a safe environment. For instance, more disinfectants are being utilized on top of basic procedures. The aircrafts are cleaned, particularly those that are grounded for more than an hour at hubs or spend the night. Special treatment is also given to interior surfaces that are more prone to touch. These include overhead controls, seatbelts, armrests, and door handles, to mention a few.


Strict Adherence to Protocol

Airlines have a strict adherence to cleaning protocols that have been set aside for cleaning aircrafts. They utilize every critical approach, from cleaning airplanes overnight and in between flights, sanitizing frequently touched surfaces, and employing electrostatic spraying. Hand sanitizers have also been brought on board and are utilized in offices, airport lobbies, self-services desks, and counters.


Regular Cleaning

The airlines have implemented regular cleaning of aircrafts between flights and at night for grounded planes. Technicians are advised to use only disinfectants that have been approved to have the full capacity of removing dirt and germs that are mainly spread through surfaces. The airlines also use antimicrobial sprayers as the ideal solution for reaching hidden surfaces that the human hand may miss.


Anyone who has plans to travel by air will likely have concerns about the safety aboard planes. Regarding this, airlines are mandated to take extreme precautions to keep everyone in aircrafts safe. They are adjusting to different approaches as regulated by multiple laws and regulations and taking such requirements in stride.

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